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OMNI Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer


OMNI Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer

Employs an electrostatic mechanism that traps tiny particles such as dirt, germs, and viruses.

Continuously emits static electricity with a voltage of -3300V.

254nm UVC Tube can kill up to 99.94% of dirt and viruses.


State-of-the-art Air Sterilizing Technology

UVC technology that is more effective at sterilizing bacteria and viruses than humidifiers and purifiers

Reuseable Filters

Uses non-consumable filters designed to be washed and re-used, reducing waste

Leakage Protection

UVC light is safely contained, preventing any harmful exposure and allowing you peace of mind

Radar Sensor for Automatic Control: 

Built-in radar sensor turns on the device when someone
enters, and turn off 10 minutes after the person leaves.

Applications: Ideal For Elevators, corridors, staircases, etc., mount directly on wall or ceiling



Input Voltage: 100-240V/ DC 12V (Type C)
UVC Tube: 2W, 254nm
UVC density:  3000 µW / cm2 (at 5mm)
Static on the filter: -3300V
Ventilating Fan: 1.5W
Radar Sensor: Automatic on/off
when people in/out
Washable filter: Medical alloy nickel