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OMNI Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer


State-of-the-art Air Sterilizing Technology

UVC technology that is more effective at sterilizing bacteria and viruses than humidifiers and purifiers

Reuseable Filters

Uses non-consumable filters designed to be washed and re-used, reducing waste

Leakage Protection

UVC light is safely contained, preventing any harmful exposure and allowing you peace of mind


Voltage - DC 10-12V

UVC bulb - (E17) 5W, 254 nm

UVC density - 1500 W / cm (at 15mm)

2-step light (1W) - Color changing/Warmwhite

2-step fan(1W/2.5W) - Silent/Power

Washable filter - Medical stainless steel

Rechargeable battery - 5200mah (duration 4h)